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02-15-2010, 04:19 PM

Cardassians and Ferenghi

Nuff said
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02-15-2010, 04:46 PM
Ehem, sorry about the outburst. As most people i my age group (25-30) probably saw TNG first, and while I will always regard Jean Luc Picard as the greates captain of all time, my money as the best SERIES, I also vote for DS9.

Not that any of them are bad by all means, I have all of them on DVD box sets INCLUDING all the movies (original series included though I don't like them as much as the newer stuff. But it was before my time so I'll use that as an excuse...) Do not have the animated series because it, honestly, is crap. (my opinion, don't crucify me, and it is an honest opinion because I have a rather large anime collection and know what I am talking about )
I'm gonna write a list from best to worst (but not bad, just the worst of the best if you know what I mean) in a minute but I want to mention why first.
TNG is great but it loses points because I feel most series should have a red thread. (dunno if that works in english, norwegian direct translation, sorry) Have stand alone episodes by all means, it doesn't have to be like 24, but follow a general plotline. TNG was lacking i that I feel, thiugh some may differ.
DS9 and Enterprise seems to start with no direction but both seem to catch up and tighten up after a season or so, following a general line as it were. While Voyager is by its defenition a red thread story (get home to earth) I think I got to it too late, and it is a bit too much like TNG. (though the borg plotline in the later seasons are fabulous) And, as I said, ST-TOS is... well, it is old and I didn't grow up with it okay! It's fine but I am still struggling to watch all the episodes.

So, if you have bothered to read this entire post, here is my ranking list:
1. DS9
2. TNG
3. Enterprise
4. Voyager
5. ST - TOS

Thank you for reading this post
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02-15-2010, 04:54 PM
My all time Fav was Star Trek Voyager. I thought it put an interesting twist on the Star Trek saga. We even got to explore the Delta Quadrant. The ship was neat, and the mix of characters was pretty cool as well. I always liked Captain Janeway in the series because she brought something new to the captain chair and I liked to see a female take the bridge.
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02-15-2010, 05:00 PM
Originally Posted by KamiSilver
I think the headline speaks for itself. What series did you enjoy most? what was your favorit character in the seire? Why on both question?

For me it is pretty simple. I love DS9. Sure the show got a few problems, and the script is sometimes lacking. But i can honestly say there isnt one character i dislike in the show. And that says alot since there is alot of characters that are returning every couple of episodes. I think the characters are in general given the time they need to grow, and in most cases (Damn you Dukat for betraying my heart!!!) they grew in the right direction for that character. Not to forget that the way the characters interact with another also grows, becomes mpore complex through out the seasons. Something i think most of the other Star trek shows lack.
But what realy got me into DS9 was that it felt realistic, that it actually took place in the star trek universe. Sure it is fun to see say Piccard go from one wormhole to another, loging new anomalities wherever he goes. but at some point it dosnt feel realistic. Not to forget that you actually feel the timeline in DS9, something all other shows lack. Especialy Voyager. here is a funy thing: for all the episodes in Voyager to have the time to take place, they must occur within 14 of each other. Thats just not posible. Sure you can push a few days here and there, but then there is that time when they spend 2 months flying in Darkspace. that pushes episodes together alot. Perhaps not a big thing, but it is for me.
what moe can i say about DS9? oh yea you got to experience the political world of Star Trek in a way never done before, you got to see more of the common life. That means alot to me.

Drawbacks... Dominion and their damn supremacy. Sure all star Treck villains are supreme the Federation, but Dominion was just painfull. Federation got Phasors that can blow holes in tritanium walls, dominion dont care. Federation get a state of the art warship (The Defiant), it almost gets blown up by a Jem'Haddar scout. Defiant gets a state of the art cloaking device ((Cant remember if it is by the romulans or the klingon. think it was klingon)), Jem'Haddar spots it right away. Federation masses for a big battle, they get their asses kicked. Sure the Borg was technicly stronger than Dominion, but dominion was still painfully strong, and they had the brains to be a threat too. where Borg were only acting on programing.

Still, DS9 it is
About the characters. As said, i cant think of a single character i dislike in the show. But my favorite must be Bashier, or Ducat before he goes pahwraith. Bashier just has such a grans charm and realy evolves as the series goes on, and Ducat, who you at the begining hates (The good kind of hate), and later on realy sympathies with, its just beautifull character development in both cases. And the pairing. most of the characters have their perfect matches.
Quark got Odo, Kira got Ducal, Bashier got Garak, Sisko got that powercrazy priestess, Jake got Nog and so on and so forth. It realy helped flesh out the characters and their development.
Ok now that i think about it, i realy dont give that much for the powerhungry priestess. But i actually liked her in some episodes.

So thats me and my chois of favorit Star Trek Series. Whats yours?
Favourite character? Chief Miles O'Brien, totally! That guy can take a beating. Odo is a good second
TNG - Data/Picard, Enterprise - T'pol, Voyager - The Doctor!!, TOS - Uhm... Yeoman whatever maybe, wandering around Kirk the first one and half season.
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02-15-2010, 05:07 PM
I have very fond memories as a young child, staying up later than I should have to watch Star Trek: The Original Series. If I recall correctly, my local channel would air Honeymooners reruns at 11:30, and Star Trek at midnight. At the time, I was a Star Wars fan too, with many action figures in my collection. But of course, TOS was different. Not as visually stunning but highly endearing. I was hooked on the films, as well. The scene with Spock dying in ST:2 was a bit scary for me as a little kid, but the battle between Kirk and Khan was one of the two coolest battles I had ever seen in a movie, That and the Battle of Hoth!

I consider myself a big fan of TNG and Voyager, as well, and I'm only NOW getting acquainted with DS9 thanks to STO, but I can simply never forget the wonder of TOS -- it kept our eyes and imaginations wide open.
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02-15-2010, 05:23 PM
Wow, as a rather closet treker until as of late. I can't say.

TOS- showed valor and morality. The people were very real and relateable and the story lines are a better history lesson than what many will get from a school. It taught a generation how to hold personal courage as a virtue of the future. It showed us all how to be a ladies man and man of action (Thanks Bill!).

TNG- Gave a glimpse of the future to those of the second generation of trek fans. I grew up with a brother who was just like Wesley. Again the story line followed the taboos of the age and showed the best of what humanity could be. Each week the one thing that a house full of teenagers could agree on was Star Trek.

DS9- I enjoyed it when it was on, but after a stint in the Army i have a better understanding. As a peace keeper force at DS9 their hands were often tied and many times are often boring. The edge of war in the background was present in each episode. The lessons i learned from DS9 served me very well as a soldier in the Balkans.

Voyager - I only saw this on DVD and it came at a great time in my life. I had undergone some radical changes and found a group of people as cut off as i was but trying to make it back. It showed family of friends, soldiers all willing to do what need be done. Hard choices were made and sometimes, well the needs of the few out weigh the needs of the many. Hard work and sacrifice. Each show kept to the feelings of loss and those of purpose.

Enterprise- I think of this as more a war story than cannon. The only difference between a war story and a fairy tale is. A fairy tales starts "Once upon a time.", and a war story "No sh*t, there i was.". I enjoyed it, Scott Bakula did a bang up job.

All in all i hold them all very dear, to call one a winner or to put them in order would detract from the gift that was given.

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02-15-2010, 06:31 PM
I'm having a hard time deciding. I first started watching the Next Generation as I grew up, so that will always be important to me. I also really like the characters in TNG. But then I saw the 11th movie and that made me want to watch the origional sereis, which lead to Voyager, which lead to DS9, which lead to Enterprise (which lead to confusion). If I had to pick a favorit I guess it would be TNG. Overall it was a great series.

For favorit characters:
Origional series: Spock
TNG: Data
DS9: Odo
Voyager: Jainway
Enterprise (out of the five or six episodes I've seen and understood): Porthose (sorry about the spelling, the dog)

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