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# 1 STO Ponderings...
02-15-2010, 09:49 PM
I suppose whilst playing the game (and thoroughly enjoying it) I've been thinking of different features I'd have liked to see included, and WOULD like to see included. Keep in mind I have no idea of what is possible, plausible or normal in MMO's, so I am just shootin' the breeze here...

I love Star Trek, I enjoy the ships and the combat, and the wars and the intrigue (can you tell Iím a huge fan of DS9?), but I also love what Gene Roddenberry wanted Star Trek to stand for, a cold war metaphor... na, just kidding... He wanted us to see what COULD be, he wanted to portray a humanity that had made it through its self destructive phase, HAD bettered itself, and was moving forward, through scientific research, exploration and the ultimate in multi-culturalism!

So the format of STO, whilst its combat centred nature is cool, AND it gets the punters in, AND it makes it easier to model on conventional MMO's, I feel it lacks the true explorative aspect of Star Trek, and also a true 'living in the future' universe. With this in mind I would have liked to / I would like to see:

- A more realistic Federation economy, using a simpler version of the Second Life economy, updated and morphed to adapt (resistance is futile) to the STO universe...

- With a new economy, you'd need to have reasons for it to operate. We're exploring new frontiers, so why not allow people to make their fortunes the old school way, setting up businesses for themselves? Though instead of railroads, newspapers and mineral mining, players could establish transwarp lanes, galactic news networks and dilithium extraction operations.

- Of course, with all the people workin' on the transwarp-roads or mining the outer limits of the UFP / KE, they'll need locations to pick up supplies, to relax or to meet up with people, privately started and administered colonies and space stations would pop up, allowing more players to get involved and make credits, adding to the economies validity.

- Perhaps a galactic Stock Exchange can then be established?!?! Allowing players to invest in various ventures, like [insert name here]'s pleasure emporium, or [whats his face]'s scientific research facility in the Gamma Quadrant, or even [that guy]'s Island themed colony just across from the Borg homeworld!!!

- I suppose for the above to be possible, you'd have to include a civilian player option, although, most civilians would be retired SF Officers, as to get the necessary credits to start the entrepreneurial endeavour of their choice, players would have done some mighty gun slingin'. Perhaps compulsory SF service first? To keep up to the Comm or Capt stage necessary...

- I know that at some point most MMOs bring in another faction, and that would be great for STO, but I really think a more holistic galaxy would be an even greater appeal...

- Another I'd like would be more planet 'locations', like, notable Star Trek places that people can visit, contribute to, and enjoy. Due to limitations and time it wouldnít have to be everywhere straight away, but San Fran, perhaps Vulcan, Risa (I know you all agree on this one) and Bajor would be nice, where you can learn Star Trek history through visiting, play games like Parises Squares and 3D chess. Just do things everyone whoís ever watched Star Trek has dreamt of dong!

I think thatís enough for now. The recurring theme in my thoughts seems to be, that I want an STO experience, that allows us to live in the universe of Kirk, Picard, Sisko and that Janeway that we've all watched so intently over the years. To be that Starfleet captain, OR that merchant, OR that bemused colonist, OR that star base commander, OR that adventurous businessman OR, whatever we can dream to be that fits with what Star Trek is!!!

Anyway, just thoughts, love 'em or hate 'em they're mine

Feel free to discuss...

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