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02-15-2010, 11:38 PM
Originally Posted by Nyxium
In that case, you have my sympathy as a fleet leader.

Not really. If you are really that clueless and airheaded to allow someone to scam you in-game you REALLY don't deserve it.
On another note: don't joke about landmines and such. someone being stupid enough to get scammed is NOT like stepping on a landmine. I've got a friend who lost the lower part of his leg to a landmine.
Also an aquaintence(sp?) from school was pinned against a car and died. Don't say "being hit by a car" is similar in ANY manner.

If i were to follow that line of reasoning. Its your fault that your mother and father spawned your idiocy into this world.
I wasnt joking it was suppose to but a serious argument which examples are exactly the same as the premise of your argument. Also i have relatives who have been shot, starved, stabbed, etc to death so i do not take these examples lightly.

Also you saying it is not, instead of explaining it is not, does not mean it is not. My argument is you blame the person for not having the foreknowledge of that which is going to happen. It might be varying degrees but it is still the same, person A is to blame because he was stupid/clueless/airhead and doesnt deserve B. And my examples were trying to show you the absurdity of your argument or a reductio ad absurdum.

So please tell me how they are not the same if you do not agree with my argument, explain to me why and do not just say its wrong period thats not an argument. And imo being clueless and an airhead could, on that same note work in my examples as well which means the argument is still absurd.

"If i were to follow that line of reasoning. Its your fault that your mother and father spawned your idiocy into this world."

That itself is fallacious and frankly doesnt even resemble a logical argument. At least your original one was an if then statement, this is just pure face palm and quite frankly I am not going to response to such a childish ad hominem attack.

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