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I consider this a HUGE bug! When there is no risk or loss for when one makes a tactical error, he or she can respawn and unlimited amount of times to defeat an enemy many many levels higher than him/her. That is a bug, and that is helping contribute to your problem of everyone ranking up so darn fast.

I understand you don't want to push people away, but you are doing just that... by allowing them to max level so fast with NO, ZERO, consequence, they then find no End OF Game and you lose a paying customer, instead you worried about loosing paying customers in the earlier part of the game with instituting a death penalty. This would make people think 2x before going against and enemy thats +10 by themselves and encourge teaming and grouping, but knowing I can die and respawn nearly immediately, lets me kill that enemey and get all the xp and power level to the top in less than a week without a care in the world...

In Dark Ages it took months to get level 50, in your game it took less than 100 hours.... doesn't that point to some inherint flaw...

Make weapons and shields weaker by 75% for 10 minutes and have the battle end for that person and warp them out to sector space or stardock so they can suffer fighting a bad battle.... when does fighting many many bad battles lead to promotion??? Only in Cryptic games where they are afraid of making it a challege to EARN your rank. Thats the difference between communism and capitalism... failure in communism is still rewarded, failure in capitalism causes all sorts of issues and in the end makes the person smarter overall, insted of more stupid and taking advantage of your system.

People get DEMOTED in real life and should be demoted if they lose XP because of a battle gone wrong, it will teach them to pick battles more wisely or to team up or to do something to become successful, not just die, respawn and puckup where they left off until the super advanced enemy is dead...

If you are going to puss out and not offer thsi for all servers, at least offer a HARD CORE server for players that expect a challege, where players can immediately choose borg/klingon/federation and have immediate PvP between those races, where a death penalty is harsh andin full effect so that if someone who makes it to Lt Commander or Commander, we know they earned it and can be followed and know what they are doing...

Get smar before everyoen is level 50 with no end game, no where else to go because you made the game to easy to level up without a penalty of dieing and losing a ship....

This game has so much potential,and yet I watch as you pander to the Trekkie/Trekker in letting them rank up fast, instead of catering to the true MMORPG'er who prefer a challenge,like not dying and paying a price for their mistakes.

This is a HUGE bug and needs to be addressed....

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