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Hmm does tactical consoles seem broke to you, i add and take away them and check stats of weapons equipped but they don't seem to change.

Im sure they did change before one of the recent patches.

I mean i have a

[Disruptor Dual Heavy Cannons Mk VI [Acc]] - 319 (213 dps)

I have also on the rear

[Disruptor Beam Array Mk V [CrtH]] - 149 (119dps)

And these are my tactical consoles to improve them which they did enhance stats awhile ago. But doesn't when i unequipped the weapons or the consoles now.

[Console - Tactical - Disruptor Induction Coil Mk V] - +15 Starship weapon disrupters.

Also i have plasma torps and a [Console - Tactical - Ambiplasma Envelope Mk VI] which should give +22 plasma projectile but stats stay the same if equipped or not or console equipped or not.

Please look into this cryptic.

Oh im commander 2 in a stock akira (no kitbash for me thankyou very much)


Update : I hover my mouse over each weapon icon on the hud u know where u click to fire when in battle for example near ur energy balancer sliders. They show increases.

D D Heavy cannons show when hovering 1,152 (768dps)
Disrupter beam - 552 (442dps)
Plasmas - 2271 (267dps)

Strange tho i could have sworn they changed info when hovering over them when i press u to get ship window up with all items equipped.

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