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02-16-2010, 09:31 PM
[Starfleetacademy]Gusgus@gusgus:where are these Vito"D from?
[Starfleetacademy]Gusgus@gusgus:enemy race, Vito'D
[Starfleetacademy]Akial@ProfessorImmortal:how is it spelled?
[Starfleetacademy]Gusgus@gusgus:they look like TOS klingons, with fish girls for ears
[Starfleetacademy]Gusgus@gusgus:on the ground
[Starfleetacademy]Akial@ProfessorImmortal: they look to be an original race.
[Starfleetacademy]Rage@Scissor:You're confusing. Fish girls for ears on the ground?

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