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This has probably been mentioned but honestly I don't have time to go searching through multiple pages of threads to see.

I have tried playing both the Ground and Space Fleet actions and These cannot be working properly.
The Ice Mine ground action the Fed NPC respawn quicker than you can kill them. When I played the fed version the Klingon NPC had a much longer respawn timer if they respawned at all.

Same with the Space Fleet Action the respawn was so short you would kill the last ship and the whole squadron of frigates you just killed would suddenly respawn. In addition, the aggro range of the ships was incredibly large more than 15km and even if you get away and cloak and get a distance away as soon as you decloak at more than 15 km all the ships still have you targetted and do a mini warp to within 10km and start pounding you.

Something is seriously wrong with these missions and they need to be looked at.

Anyone heard any word if this working as intended or not?

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