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# 1 Fleet PvP and FedvFed?
02-17-2010, 09:45 AM
Two questions.

Is it possible to do fleet so one side is only members of a certain fleet?

Also, can we do FedvFed PvP yet? Only I fancy challenging a certain fleet *cough* Blue Fleet *cough* who have threatened the Andorian Imperial Guards sovereign right to exlcusive defence of Andoria and subverting the rights of the Andorian Imperial Guard to dual Starfleet and Andorian commissions
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# 2
02-17-2010, 01:56 PM
They need it to happen, last week, the queues for pvp are ridiculous. Not only is it taking 2 hours to get into a queue as a fed character, but when you join the match, theres either 0 klingon players, or more klingon players than federation players. This makes no sense, since theres 100 fed players waiting to 2-4 in the queue for a map, but when you join theres more klingons than federation players.

The rewards for winning or losing are the same.
Klingons need 0 cooperation or coordination to win, they just launch a million fighters and repair drones and sit there. If a science vessel gets close its smoked.
Klingons can sit forever while cloaked and ruin matches, until a science vessel gets close then its smoked again.

Once fvf pvp opens up feds will be fine. But the pvp system as it is now is a broken POS in every way possible, balance, rewards, and the populating of queue/instances

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