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# 1 couple of noob questions....??
02-17-2010, 02:54 PM
ok forgive me if this isnt the right forum or w/e dont go killing me...anyways im a noob just started playing yesterday soooo im curious about a few things...

1.on this website that keeps getting advertised on the game it says i can buy 100k for $19.99 now is 100k 100,000 or 100....cause 100 is easy to get 100,000 not so much...

2.uniforms can i have multiplle uniforms? not the ones you equip but like maybe different uniforms for whenever i wanna change into something else.??? like off city of heroes....

3. do i get like a first officer or anything or just the tatical sciience and enginering? a lvl 5 leut. when do i get a new tired of this tiny thing....


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