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02-17-2010, 01:53 PM
Originally Posted by Bheduwa
"whacko bald woman" ??!

IIRC, she was a "Deltan".. and appearantly, they are quite the catch.. winkwinknudgenudge.

So.. ya.. maybe "whacko" but in a good way, lets hope.
Deltan, that's right! That goes to show you how little I remember from TMP, even though I watched it less than a year ago. I'm a big TOS fan, and I wanted to like TMP, I really did, but when it took Kirk's shuttle five minutes to fly up to the Enterprise in the first half-hour, I started feeling uneasy. To this day, I felt like it was six hours long.

I have not seen The Final Frontier yet, and I'm terrified.
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02-17-2010, 03:50 PM
Man, I loved this movie. It may have been panned but seriously I thought it was a great bridge between the two generations of star trek.

Life forms... tiny little life forms! Those precious little life forms! Thanks for pointing it out, just in time for my STO adventures.
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02-17-2010, 04:26 PM
Generations would have been great had they not killed off Kirk (honestly, the movie could have functioned without the Original Series tie-in) and if the Enterprise D didn't fall to a measly Bird of Prey.

Seriously why all the hate for Star Trek '09 and Nemesis? '09 was better than most of the original series movies and is on par with Undiscovered Country and Wrath of Khan and Nemesis was miles ahead of Insurrection in terms of being a functional and entertaining movie.

Also, Star Trek IV was terrible.
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02-17-2010, 04:30 PM
Originally Posted by Sural_Argonus
Some people are very attached to the D....

Personally I always thought it looked like a bloated piece of crap....but too each his own I guess.

Glad it's on Hulu for now tho. It's at least not the WORST Trek Movie ever....Still trying to decide...

Star Trek V: The Mistake
Star Trek: Lamesis
Star Trek '09

Normally I like Abrams. But Trek '09 just turned me off...because it felt like several Trek episodes that got puked into a bowl....blended a little...and tossed back out as a movie....Wasn't impressed with the Acting, or even the cast choices...even tho I love Simon Pegg and I really like the dude who plays Sylar in Heroes.

ST:V was well...a piece of fecal matter that should never have been done....Come on...Quest for God...really? For the final full TOS Cast movie, they brought back Mick Meyer, who directed the BEST damn Trek movie....period. That's why I call VI...The Apology.

Nemesis...was well...mostly lame. Felt most of them just phoned it in for that one. But then...I never was that big a fan of TNG...I liked it...but wasn't in love with it like a lot of others.
Well it seems I love everything you hate, lol.
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02-17-2010, 04:54 PM
Thanks for the find!

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