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02-17-2010, 04:00 PM
Originally Posted by ShinRa_Actual View Post
Since someone commented on the definition of 'work day' for Cryptic, here's a small rant.

The "work day" for an MMO should be determined by your game's needs, not ensuring you have weekends off. Every single online game has one trend in common; traffic picks up on the evenings and weekends. Shouldn't this be when you have people on hand to deal with the issues and problems that develop more rapidly from the increased player population?

And yet...when we keep having server crashes and lag issues on the weekends and seems that no one's manning the office, and we're basically told to sit back and wait for Banker's Hours in California to get any real answers or solutions.

In short, you find yourself working in the gaming/entertainment industry. That means you're working when your client base needs you around. Suck it up, and enjoy a day off sometime during the week. :\
when our servers and clusters go down where i work, i dont call up a programmer and ask him to come in and fix it.. i call up the technical staff who are a little more able to fix an actual problem than the guy who wrote the bad code in the first place...

so you should have a core staff who can deal with the majority of the issues as they crop up, put out the sparks before they become a fire so to speak, but when the whole damn thing just goes boom, you call up someone senior who can do a damn better job of fixing it.

those kinds of people get paid a LOT, and will want more for working weekends and evenings.. its cheaper to put them on a rotating call-out system where they get paid more IF they have to come in, rather than keeping them there at all times just in case..

thats just common sense financially.. (and before any says this is just cryptic being cheap, thats how my company does it, and its the largest of its kind in the world)

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