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02-17-2010, 04:02 PM
You can't even craft Phaser Arrays MK IV or better. Items crafting is way to limited.
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02-17-2010, 04:11 PM
Originally Posted by Thanos007 View Post
I've got news for you. ALL crafting is a waste of time.
For you, yes.
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02-17-2010, 04:15 PM
Originally Posted by LunaticFringer View Post
Now, I'm not calling this system a waste of time myself. They've got a core system here that'd work just fine as long as they'll tweak it and expand upon it. But in it's current state it does come off as both frustrating and lack luster. Of course I'm still going to try and unlock my tier 3's simply because I think they will add to it later on.
The core idea is good, and much more Trek than basic fabrication. But the execution is obscene. There's no rhyme or reason to anything. It's the most extreme example of the silly, haphazard lists and complete lack of coherence throughout the game. From the BO vendor that doesn't even have compete species and sex combinations for each profession, to the mid-level mission reward items that have nothing even remotely like them before or after (the 'efficient' impulse engine, the combo weapons), to the utter absurdity of a light cruiser blowing up Negh'var's at the same time that tier 1 Birds of Prey blow up Sovereigns.
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02-17-2010, 04:16 PM
Originally Posted by Casey Jones
this isn't crafting.. it's buffing items.. they should allow us to create the items somehow in the first place, and obv give the buffers (scientists) more and better mods they can do..

let ME create a mark V rifle out of stuff i can mine, collect, replicate w/ blueprints. whatever.. keep memory alpha..

that would make for a good crafting system
I think you are on to something here but it should not be just Science officer exclusive. I would think segmenting equipment types would more appropriate. something like.

Weapons: Tactical Officers
Engines: Engineering Officers
Sensors: Science
Shields: different types would be between Engineering and Science Officers
Consumables: Depending on what that consumable does ie. Attack Buff = Tactical etc.

Weapons: Tactical Officers
Armor: Engineering Officers
Shields: Science Officer
Consumables: Depending on what it does.

This allows the economy to function as well as the crafting as every class would need the other classes items to put together a proper ship and groud force. Of course you would also have to make the top tier items craftable only and then of course the truly crazy powerful stuff only drop from Fleet Actions. Something to that effect.
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02-17-2010, 04:35 PM
Is there even any word of the Dev's actually hearing this idea? I know they don't want to make promises and get our hopes up of time lines, but did they not say if enough people wanted a crafting system that they would do something? I just really wish rather than us coming up with all these ideas and speculating on if it's even going to happen they would just say, yes, we are looking into a crafting system or no we're not.

I have a feeling that withing the next week or so we'll see some kind of communication (because it's been how long since we've got a state of the game?) before the subscription cycle begins. It only makes business sense. The question is, will crafting be in that agenda amongst adding new end game, Klingon PvE and continuing to squash bugs among many other community concerns.

So for you crafting haters if we don't speak up enough then there is a portion of us being alienated as much as other groups that speak up that you may belong to. If they come up with a smart crafting system, trust me you'll be singing a different tune looking for our goodies as well as new found income from picking up things we'll need to craft( For the love of god no more anomalies!)

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