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# 1 How to make the game better?
02-17-2010, 06:56 PM
This is my first thread on a forum ever, but I feel the need to write a few things down and to get feedback.
I love the game so far, but I feel there are a few things that could make this game better than it already is.

First thing is the customization of the ships. I like the idea of customizing my own ships, but I don't always see the need to edit a ship purely for cosmetics. In my experience playing games I truly feel the need of customizing my ship when it benefits me by increasing stats. There are a lot of customization choices that you can choose from in this game, I just feel it needs to have a point more than cosmetics.

The second thing is the number of ships you can choose from. I would love this game more if you had the ability of getting a light, medium, or heavy cruiser starting at lieutenant. I feel that giving more options of the types of ships you choose from, would greatly help out players and game play. Giving more variety to the game and allowing for customization still will go along way towards helping people enjoy the game more. I love the game, but I think there needs to be more justice served to the fans and to people like me who have already subscribed to a lifetime subscription. I know the game is in the beginning stages and that's why I'm not upset over how the game plays right now. I just hope that more people will ask the developers to do the Star Trek world justice by giving more variety in the game play and progression. I know I couldn't make a game on my own, which is why I'm not going to be a jerk to all the creators of the game and nag like everyone else.

If anybody else has some real good comments or ideas on how to make the game better feel free to post!
Thanks for reading!

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