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Lt. Commander
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Hi there, for some reason my throttle bind vanished and i cant get it working again. It was

/bind wheelplus "throttleadjust .125"
/bind wheelminus "throttleadjust -.125"

this stoped working for some reason, some time in the last week, (last time i played was about 4 days ago or soo)

also, when i try to make a bind in my key binds selection and i click on the part, highlight to make the bind, every time it has Shift+ already there.. I cant for the life of me figure out how to get shift cleared outta that.

any one have any clue? Its hard to fly a ship with no throttle settings, and moving the slider with my mouse is a pain the rear. I really wanna get my mouse wheel working again, and keyboard with out shift on everything

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