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A few days ago I was present during a server crash, it went down and came back up a few hours later, alas after this my main science officer had it's skills mashed up before the it happily had 4 space and 4 ground skills one per rank and had through the game, since and now it has 4 space one per rank and 1 per for ensign and lt skills but 2 lt cmdr skills and no cmdr skills(also all my presets had been messed up after this crash, which was annoying to find out after starting a pvp match but easily fixed unlike the more permanent skills issue)

As a result I given I want to try a science ship out and this is my main heavly invested science officer I now cant, (as without a right ranking officer why bother)I sent in a petition requesting it be fixed but like every other petition I sent your worthless gm's and I do mean worthless as thusfar every reply i've got from them could have easily been sent by an Expert System Ai without the need for them atall, received text book responses clearly from such a system or some catalog of responses after a totally unnacceptable reply time, I have been a volunteer gm in one mmo, and wait times on average for petitions were 4 hours, even on the worse days 12 max, responses were hand written, and such an issue directly affecting char's would go straight to a senior gm to manually fix the afflicted variables on the character.

However basically in another text book response they(your gm) have said it's a bug that and didnt even try to fix it, indeed they had to cheek to tell me to file it as a bug in future, well it's a bug that's stopping me playing the game the way i want to and should be possible, however I can play existing classes and use said char's skills up to lt, so I've kept it as critical as appose to show-stopper though it rightly should be considered so, and no I will not under any circumstances train another officer, I want this one fixed and working, i've put lots of effort into it and have no intention of wasting bridge officer points on and more merit points on another, and I need it done asap as i'd like to promote the officer to commander and max it asap.

So would you mind stop fixing UI issues first and fix major ones like this in your next patch so I can continue using my officers as intended.

It wont let me train a cmdr ground skill as it keeps saying unknown and replacing it's lt cmdr ground skill doesn't get rid of it's 2nd lt cmdr skill, i've heard of this issue but it's only suppose to affect character's who were like that in the first place all my bridge officers were fine it only showed up like this after the crash, which means one that is now heavily invested is messed up and I need it fixed.

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