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02-15-2010, 12:24 AM
Originally Posted by Axterix
This is what it did in Beta. Was "fixed" to the current version. I'm guessing the devs do not care for the idea of the power getting more powerful just because you have more beams equipped. Which is understandable. .
But this is what doesn't make since to me. Fire at Will doesn't increase that beams dps, it just splits it over multiple targets. Why they decided to make it as it is now makes no sense to me. If it was boosting dps I could understand, but all it does is splits the dps over mutiple targets there is no damage increase. Having more than 1 beam being able to do this doesn't seem game breaking to me at all. They really need to revert this change if only to give cruiser trying to hold threat on multiple targets an easier time.
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02-15-2010, 02:25 AM
Originally Posted by An_Heron
An easy solution would be to have fire at will just act as a beam version of cannon rapid fire.
That would be awesome, probably too awesome. Cruiser broadsides would be ridiculous with that.
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# 13 beam overload
02-15-2010, 02:51 AM
I can crit for 16k with beam overload 1 GG dont change it.
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02-18-2010, 07:30 AM
This discussion is kind of pointless considering that immediately prior to Headstart, we heard a Dev say that Beam bridge officer abilities were on the table to get love (as well as Torp Spread, I think).

The problem is simply that we haven't seen the love yet. And it's becoming an irritating problem, at that.
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02-18-2010, 08:17 AM
Originally Posted by narceisis View Post
Beam Overload currently does a single shot for about 2k and then drains ALL power from your weapons power bank, and shuts down the arrays TYPE that fired ye ole Overload. (rank 1, but it scales some)
Oh you have some confusion here... If you're the klingon narceisis that I think you are, I have personally hit your hull for over 15k damage with a beam overload... Beam overload III on an escort with 1 DBB and timers up can hit anywhere from 12k to as high as 35k on crits. It will also instantly drop a full shield facing on ANY ship + a neutered hull hit which can be very useful for opening up a window for your team to pummel it with HYTs.

Maybe test things before spouting that they are broken?

Beam overload is the single best hull burst damage ability out there atm, other than maybe ramming speed.

I even keep 1 rank of fire at will, as it actually seems to do good damage to multiple targets. I've seen hits in the mid 2000s to each thing that it shoots. Works well for drones/mines/torps.
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02-18-2010, 11:33 AM
Originally Posted by Grixxitt View Post
I love how few people actually realise how FIre at Will works.
Its not SUPPOSED to add DPS, thats what overload is for.
FAW is a direct countermeasure for Mines, Energy syphons, Photon Torpedoes, and anything else that is targettable and dies in 1 hit.
The only thing to keep in mind is that it targets the nearest enemy and works its way outward in a 360' arc so timing is sometimes key.

That and it works great as an aggro-grabber for PVE

tl;dr: Works just fine, L2P, etc
I've never (not in Beta, not in Live) got reliable hits with Fire at Will, concerning mines and torpedoes. Sometime they'd hit, some they didn't; spamming my spacebar and down arrow (<Closest Enemy> bind) gave me better results.
Mostly, when it hit ships, they could easily recover their shields by the time I got back around to em.
For a while in beta, FoW was more than one shot.There were a few DSE fights were I wiped out a squadron of 7 fighters in seconds. Very Literally, pew pew pew... done. 7 explosions all around me.
Then they changed it. I get that what I just described could be considered overpowered but One-shot FoW dont cut it.

Fire at Will needs a duration... 12 second to 30 depending rank of FoW and skill rank of the user.
During activation, your Tactical officer 'fires at will' (duh) at anything that comes into range and arc of your weapons. May be for balance you assign a weapon bank to the skill. This will drain your weapon power so the more its used the weaker your shots are...
but you wont be spamming the spacebar... you wont miss that fighter/torpedo that zinged in front of your ship because by the time you realized that at that angle it was in range and arc but you were unable to target it because moved through your arc too fast and that mouse targetting sucks and tab targetting took too long yada yada yada....

I wouldn't mind an ensign ability for point defense. Only works on Turrets...

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