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I auto grouped for a patrol mission that required us to beam down to the planet surface. the screen that lets you choose your away team pops up and i see my tactical b.o.'s name in the list so i think cool i got one of my guys on the away team.

Once we beam down i notice that my b.o. is displaying her armor, i have the TOS uniforms so i like them to show, but i couldn't change it. i figured since we are in combat that was the problem. after a few seconds it became clear i had no control at all. and it wasn't until the mission was over and people started beaming up that i noticed she wasn't my b.o.

That seems really lame that someone else has the exact same b.o with the exact same name, i realize i can change names after the fact, but just thought that it was really confusing and was wondering if someone else had this problem.

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