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02-18-2010, 04:55 PM
Negative threads are treated just like a skin rash or VD, ignored. If you ignore it it has no power.

Setting that logic aside what should they say?

Angry STO Player, "Nerd rage, nerd rage, nerd rage, /quit"

Cryptic, "Uhh...ok?"

By NOT commenting on too many specific issues that are being worked on and staying relatively vague on their time table approach to them it gives Cryptic the freedom to be...'cryptic' about what they say.

If Zinc said: "We are fixing <this issue> right now and it will be fixed in next patch."

If it isn't then you can say...

Angry STO Player, "I thought <this issue> was going to be fixed first, but instead you fixed <a different issue> you lied nerd rage, nerd rage, nerd rage /quit."

By commenting on the specifics of negativity outside the usual "this is locked down, or thank you for the feedback" they would be admitting that they have a problem that needs attention.

Cryptic is acting like any normal intelligent is watching the boards and formulating its changes based on a triage system...they are not required to fill us in on a step by step approach because if they give us a timetable and they do not meet it guess what...

...they have us banging our heads on the forums asking them why not.

Bottom line on the game itself is it is new, and was a bit rushed. But what is in there is fun if not a bit shallow. Wise people will not pass judgement on a product that is in a constant state of flux unless the change is for the worse or the change stops all together.

Give STO time, everyone crawls before they walk.
(except Giraffes)


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