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02-18-2010, 04:58 PM
Few weeks ago, I was swapping out ships and equipment from one ship to a new one, and as any klingon (not sure about feds) knows, when on the ground in Gondola, it can get laggy, so when you equip stuff it can take about 1-2 mins before it shows up on ship. Well anyways, I equiped my ship and waited untill I saw all my stuff was on my ship, including my RMC...but when beamed to my ship and was sitting in space...there was no RMC in my power selections. So I flipped through all my bars 1 through 10....still no RMC. I then opened up my ship status and noticed I no longer had an RMC equiped, instead there was a shield capacitor in it's place. I opened inventory and there was no RMC there either.

Could I get a GM to give me my RMC back or at least have the C-store ALLOW 1 item of RMC owned per character instead of allowing only 1 purchase? This will help not only me (and others who might of lost theirs) but also solve the exploit where some people have more then one RMC on their ships.

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