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Technically, this is a graphics issue. However this is nothing a user can fix, only Cryptic so I'm putting it in here. This only affects aesthetics and not actual gameplay, and would not be considered an important problem in comparison to the other issues.

I note these issues as these are things I found strange to see as a 3d modeler and texture artist myself.

Commander and Captain cruisers have noticeable texture stretching and compression. To be specific, the Commander's cruisers saucer. The Captain cruisers neck, and nacelles are also affected, most noticeably the Celestial class.
(On a side note the Galaxy class necks do not align with the saucer properly on the Galaxy/Celestial build)
I have not played the other two classes so cannot comment.

Computer panels have major texture stretching, pretty much everywhere. I can't really be specific here as it's on almost every panel.

I just want to know if this is something that is planned on being fixed, or will this remain as the focus of the development team will be on continued "quick" content in the same quality. Not that I mind if things are rushed, most people wont notice the problems in the first place.

Off-Topic: Will users be able to submit starship ideas for consideration in the future of STO? As a 3d modeler myself I could create 3d concepts in the same artform as the current selection of ships as well as the customization options. Understandably Cryptic would have to remake the ship due to the material system/windows etc. I saw the thread about the possibility of users implementing missions, so felt like asking.

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