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Hello everyone and I hope you have all enjoyed the game as much as I have thus far. I had a little confusion on how to open a new ticket so here is a little walkthrough on how to open a ticket for bugs and crashes.

The Devs, after a bit of research, have informed everyone that they do not use the forums to track bugs but rather open tickets. The more tickets there are the better the chance that the bug will be fixed in the next patch (major or minor).

To submit a ticket do the following:

1. Go to
2. Mouse over "Support" on the home page and click the "Support" option below.
3. Under the "Tech Support" section below click "Submit / Review Help Tickets".
4. Then find "Create New Ticket" and click it.
5. Click the "Tech Issues" button
6. Since there is no "Bug" option the only logical one to choose is "Crashes or Error Messages".
7. You then go to the search field and type in a general heading of what your problem is that you will be reporting. Click "Search". If there is no report a link titled "My issue isn't listed here, create a new one!". Click that link and you will be able to enter your bug / crash.

I hope that this helps everyone out a bit and encourages everyone to open a ticket to get the bugs looked at. Remember you are not complaining by opening tickets and there is far too much game for the Devs to discover every bug in the game so they need your help. Thanks all and happy hunting!

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