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1) Dev tracker: right now it is too hard to find anything there, as gameplay and tech stuff (I cant connect, game does not install, etc) is in the same page. How about a flag system or two dev trackers that allows us to read them easily?

2) Patch notes: "Daily missions now start their cooldown from the time the mission was taken instead of from when the mission was turned in.":

- How about the daiily missions resseting at a fixed time of the day (like e.g. server midnight).
Why? That would still only allows us to play them once a day (same as now!) but at any time of that day!

* E.g: Friday you decide to play your dailies in the evening (after work). Saturday you can only play in the morning. Right now thats not possible. IF the reset was at midnight, it wouldnt be a issue.

* E.g.2: you can only play for a couple hours everyday. But today you got late (real life, huh?) and you had to start one hour later than usual. Well, tomorrow you can either forget about the daily (s) OR with the alternative you could play as usual!

I played other MMORPGs with daily and the ones with the fixed time system were much better to fit on everyone schedule.

Thats it for today. Theo out.

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