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I'll preface this by saying no, these are not the most pressing issues in the game right now, and yes, I would rather see the development time go towards correcting the serious problems and developing new content if I had to choose. But I think they would be rather quick changes to make, and would be a nice quality of life improvement for people trying to level through PvP.

PvP missions:
  • PvP missions across the board should give more rewards than they do now. It doesn't have to be a huge increase, but currently they are so pitiful that they're barely worth taking, even though you don't have to do anything you wouldn't be doing anyway in normal PvP to complete them!
  • The PvP missions "A Good Day to Die (Ground)" and "A Good Day to Die (Space)" should be removed entirely. The last thing this game needs is to encourage and reward people getting themselves killed. My ideal replacements would be called "A Good Day to Live" and would require a player to have the least deaths on their team in a number of matches (three?). Credit for a match would only be given if the player did at least one point of damage, just to be on the safe side. But regardless of what replaces them, the current ones need to go.
  • "Captain Killer" could probably use a look, since it currently requires the same number of kills as "Ship Killer", but Ground PvP matches go to 40 points while Space PvP matches only to 15. Either one needs to go up, or the other needs to go down, or the rewards should be adjusted accordingly.
  • "Good Luck Charm" is still bugged.

PvP rewards:
  • The badge prices for Ship Shields, Ship Engines, and Ship Deflectors are completely absurd. They need to be seriously reduced, or these parts need to be given much better stats to make them worth buying. As it is now, no sane player would buy one of these when there are better versions available for peanuts on the exchange.
  • Players leveling exclusively through PvP are ending up with a huge excess of badges by the end of each tier, with nothing to spend them on. It has been suggested that a vendor be added who will convert badges into another tier (not at 1:1 obviously, but at least it would give us something to do with them).
  • On a related note, once a player has fully geared out in greens and has hit the level cap, there is no motivation to continue PvPing. Perhaps the solution to the above issue could also add some kind of system that gives players top tier something to do with excess medals.

I'll update this list with any other suggested problems or fixes that folks bring up.

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