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# 1 Item Bonuses [Acc][CrtH]
02-19-2010, 07:05 PM
Please post any missing info on bonus acronyms you see in-game along with what they do and by how much and i will update this list to include your input (and give credit).

Ever wonder what the different Modifiers on Items did? How different Mark levels effected a Modifier? Well here is the research I have done so far.

About the Bonus Amounts that change by Mark level:
it shows 0 for those Mark levels I was unable to confirm exist.
it shows # for those Mark levels I found, and
it shows # for those Mark levels I calculated.
If it only shows a single number then the bonus appears to be static.

This will be divided by Item Types.

Starship Weapons:

[Acc] Accuracy +0.1
[CrtD] Critical Hit Severity +20
[CrtH] Critical Hit Chance +2%

================================================== ===================
Starship Shield:

[Cap] Increased Capacity +10%
[Reg] Increased Regeneration +10%
[Pha] Phaser Damage Reduction +20%
[Dis] Disruptor Damage Reduction +20%
[Pla] Plasma Damage Reduction +20%
[Tet] Tetryon Damage Reduction +20%
[Pol] Polaron Damage Reduction +20%
[AP] Antiproton Damage Reduction +20%

================================================== ===================
Starship Engine:

[Aux] Thrusters give speed even when engines are disabled 25%
[Spd] Increased Flight Speed ~ +15%
[Turn] Increased Flight Turn Rate ~ +7.5%
[Full] Increased Full Impulse Speed ~ +15% Full Impulse Speed is capped at 100, so often lose much of the benefit of this.

================================================== ===================
Starship Deflector Array:

[Def] System: Starship Deflectors +10
[DefD] System: Starship Deflector Dish +10
[DefF] System: Starship Deflector Field +10
[Spa] System: Spacial Anomoly +10
[Em] System: Starship Emitters +10
[TB] System: Tractor Beam +10
[HS] System: Hazard System +10
[ST] System: Photonic Theory +10
[Sen] System: Starship Sensors +10
[SenA] System: Starship Sensor Array +10
[SenP] System: Starship Sensor Probes +10
[Ast] System: Astrometrics +10

================================================== ===================

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