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# 1 It Would be nice points
02-20-2010, 03:41 AM
When they do an update it would be nice if you get some more Credits !
Everyting is so expensive and you have to work your hart out to get some credits.
So I decided that was an ugly bug .
When we completed an mission i like to get paid if you know what I mean !

But the rest is fun I never put so many comp time as today on STO .
Guys you made an truly marble peace of work ! Good Job !

O one more thing I would point out :
1. some time i warp out the wrong way and i warp out true an world .
2. See some action on my own ship or is that still coming ???
3. More IA to space battle that the ship is steering or shooting self like in SBC.
4. Some way to invent tech on your own with your crew or making it better.
5. An call starfleet for help button if your about to get done that you can call for help that players can respond to it. SOS .
6. cheaper prices would be nice or more money when you sell stuff ! Like you tell the freighter captain you want to sell the part that you select the price someting like that .

Ok maybe you guys are working on all off this I don't know but I just give my opinion I hope some more people agree here but annyway I injoy the game very very much ! Greets GrazyC

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