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I just completed the Patrol the Hyralan Sector mission where I encountered a potential error. I was using open teaming, which seems to have been the cause.

I had completed the first two planets, and entered the Chulan map for final patrol . I seemed to have jumped in right after the other players had completed the mission, but did not recieve credit for completion myself. I left the team and the map to sector space and reentered Chulan. The dialouge stated something to the effect of "We have detected the source of the radiation", which seems like it thought I was mid-mission. When closing the initial dialouge, in the bottom right corner I had two ops messages and two hails, which stated verious requests (sub-objectives) and responses (completion to those sub-objectives), including that i had completed the mission, though no credit was awarded. The small objectives menu that usually loads during a mission never appeared. I trying closing open teaming, dropping the Patrol chulan mission, dropping the Patrol the Hyralan mission but without success. However, by reallowing open teaming I was able to, after a few tries, jump into another instance with other players who completed it just after I arrived and the game awarded credit to me.

Additionally, I can't seem to replay the mission, so I'm a little sad I missed out on that one. Makes me a little wary to have open teaming on afterwards, for fear of missing out from experiencing the mission fully, firsthand.

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