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02-11-2010, 09:37 AM
Originally Posted by challenger_sta View Post
a) terrible english, even by Germanys standards
b) the 30 days included in the game purchase are contigent on a subscription. It is stated clearly. You just need to read.
c) Maybe I'm the fortunate one here, but I've experienced relatively few server crashes. Actually, none since over a week.

I repeat.. try answering a few hundred or thousand mails daily.
Consider this: If every mail takes five minutes to check an account for problems, in a 10-hour workday you will be able to process 120 of them per person. That's without any pauses and such luxuries Basic math, people.
we are not like u, u know smart ass lol
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02-16-2010, 01:26 AM
My grace period just ended (Feb 16, 11:59PM PST). I ordered from Impulse. Is this normal? or did I get some extra days I shouldn't have?
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02-21-2010, 08:37 AM
I haven't received my retail key yet.

I bought the Collector's Edition and instead of it, I received a plastic case with no DVD, No Manual, No Retail Key, no extras. Only a letter telling that they have difficulties in manufacturing, so Collector's Edition is not ready for a launch date.

Included was a Beta(Pre-Order -key and advice that I should download client, create account, and it would ask my contact details, so they could send my Collector's Edition to me later.

Did all that and it didn't ask me any address. It let me play with pre-order. I volutarily added a payment method, so there would be some info about me at the account.

Now I have written 3 tickets to Billing Support and nobody haven't answered anything. Only got the mail "all tickets will be closed on weekend if not replied." !!!!!
I replied via my own mail and made a new ticket via their ticket system.

I also sended mail to NamcoBandai support, since I think I saw somewhere that they are distributer here in Europe. They haven't answer either.

I'm a little bit annoyed right now, since I paid the Collector's Edition and found at home that it wasn't that. Should have been nice to know before I bought it. The plastic case don't say anywhere on the outside that it hasn't the dvd, goodies or retail key!
I myself should have noticed that I'm buying a plastic dvd case instead of aluminum, but I was too excited to get to play.

The store here in Finland was Gigantti. It is a well known and respectable store, so I don't suspect any fraud with them. The plastic case had wrapping around it and it was untouched, so the letter inside telling manufacturing difficulties is propably true.

Anyway, I can't play after grace end period and will maybe just maybe receive some answers and maybe receive my Collector's Edition someday.

Continued... 23.2.2010

I haven't received my retail key. Cryptic billing support said they can't do anything for this and it is up to retailer to solve this issue.
NamcoBandai (Distributor in here in this case) does not answer to any questions.
Only one to offer some real help seems to be the Finnish retailer Gigantti. They talk me through their letter that they had originally received from NamcoBandai about the issue and we agreed that I had followed the letter already correctly. Gigantti has now taken the lead and will be in contact with NamcoBandai to solve this issue.

Really low-rated performance from NamcoBandai in my opinion. They should have at least announce it on the plastic dvd case that there is no DVD insiden or any other extras. There is nothing told about that outside the box and it is sealed with wrapping so you can't open it until you have bought it.

You = Cryptic Studios, should also take some responsibility, since it is your choice to choose distributers and check what they do, at least for some degree.
I'm also little disappointed for your support. For a 3-4 letter to you, I only got one answer to last letter and that was that you can't do nothing about this issue. In my mind that can be summed as "Sorry, solve by yourself."

I seem to be pretty ****ed now...

I'll be in a better mood if Gigantti can solve this issue.

Continued 23.2.2010 Evening (GMT+2)

Problem solved.
Real Collector's Edition from Namco Bandai arrived
I wish they would have informed me that they have sended the package and that way saved a lot of time of me, Gigantti and Cryptic.
Apparently they have read my letter, since they knew where to send the Collector's Edition.

Now I can enter my retail key and be in a lot better mood.

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