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What is the point in rally point when bridge officers are free to ignore it whenever they want? When I set a rally point it's because I want my pets to stay where I tell them to stay. I don't need them to decide on there own to go running around. This is especially annoying when my pet with the shield generator decides to run 10 meters away to set up his generator.

In a game where pets are what non-PvP ground combat is centered on, not putting a little attention into making pets function properly is lame and lazy.
Lt. Commander
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02-21-2010, 09:34 AM
I noticed this too. When I klick the assist button to bring them alltogether attacking one selected enemy the BOs are leaving the rallypoint for flanking action. The game needs here an additional command to determine if BOs can leave rallypoints while assisting or if they should stay.

Only thing you can do atm to keep them at the rallypoint is not using the assist button.

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