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# 1 A few annoying bugs
02-21-2010, 09:46 AM
Greetings people,

As much as I love the game, there have been several noticeable bugs lately that make game enjoyment more and more difficult. I am going to post only a few of them as I have encountered them for the time being:

1. Bridge Officers path finding.
This is just ridiculous. They will trip over a pebble and stay there unless you guide them out with step-by-step rally points. This is just pathetic. Also, engineer BOs cast the medical "turrets" every time their refresh timer is up and as a result, they get stuck (disabling that ability doesn't work). Not to mention that when they cast shield, half of the BOs gets stuck behind it, unable to join the fight.

2. Space combat spawn points and enemy behavior.
A. This is probably the most annoying of all. Spawning inside a bunch of enemy battleships is -by Star Trek terms- the ultimate of giga-stupidity. This just CANNOT happen when you join a battle (repeat, willingly join... NOT ambushed). Please FIX this.
B. At random points, enemy ships see you from sensors' edge and next moment they're right on top of you from the middle of nowhere, with speeds 10x full impulse (this happens when you're already in combat). I've lost full shields and 100% of the hull in a single enemy shot (from those enemies that cover 20km in 1 sec). Please, keep enemy buffs in moderation. For those interested, my character is an adequately equipped mark VI commander.

3. Episode quest givers.
They just get stuck on my "Hail Starfleet" contact window for no reason, with an "i" stuck next to them. I really prefer how it was. Clutter is not good.

I hope Cryptic will take these into consideration, because STO is a really great game.

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