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02-20-2010, 02:53 PM
Originally Posted by Darain
Skuggan If you had followed the post then you would know the it was for Splyce.

What Im saying is that difeent countries different tax system, so where I live its not a good thing not to have any loans, that way you pay top tax what is like 75% of your income if you are at the high end of the income list. We take lown in our own house and put it into a bank financed stock marked, paying off the lown with the Interest and when there is better stocks the loan is changes to make you pay less, planning it so that when you are around 65 then you will have a good savings and the loan payed off. Planning for your retirement, living in the country with the highest tax system in the world.

And to Splyce, this post is starting to bore me, if you dont belive me then dont, I dont have anything to prove to a young lad that I thing you are. Try it out yourself its only going to cost you, what was it 55, then you will see that I am right.

(Hair on your chest dont mean you running around looking like a monky, aswell as knowledge in your bag dont mean running around with a bag full of books)
Sorry I must have missread then.
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02-20-2010, 03:38 PM
Since you live in Denmark you should use Telia, their backbone is financed with taxmoney and is one of the fastest and most reliable in the world, and it stretches worldwide also, you wont be lagging in games if you use Telia.
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02-21-2010, 09:49 AM
The FurMark test and FluidMark test is basing the score on the total amount of FPS you got during a 60seconds timeframe. You can set it up to run for longer or shorter than that, but default is 60. Dividing the score by 60 gives you the average FPS. Even if you dont want to share the score with us it's a good thing to try the card out, the risk of burning is zero unless you have overclocked your card, all cards are designed to be able to run at 100% capacity without burning up.
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# 54 crash 3D error code
12-10-2014, 10:35 AM
every time i try to get back on the game it launches but only hear the music no picture. then get Error code 3D invalid? what is this

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