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# 1 More Item Options/Crafting
02-21-2010, 10:05 AM
I like phasers and quantums. I do not feel tetryon, Antipoloran, etc are "better", they're just an additional tool in the tool box. Each performs a role.

So why can't I find crafted/badge purchased Mk VIII/X blue phasers/quantums?

I'm a tier 3 crafter, I want to be able to take any Mk VIII weapon and make it a blue +2% crit +20 crit dmg one, just like I can do plasma at iv/vi and tetryon at viii. Make it a template ability, where any common mk viii weapon you start with can be upgraded the same way.

That would make crafting a *LOT* more useful and give us a *LOT* more variation in our weapon choices.

Please and thank you.

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