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So I get to DS9 and start the first mission, the one where you need to trade 10 entertainment rations for 5000 bottles of Kanar or Yamok sauce or something. I head back to Sirius space and start buying them from the commodities trader. Now before I get to the bug, three things. Ent rations cost 16 provisions. The trader has both. Why can't I just buy 10 ent rations for the cost of 16 provisions (1600 cr.) each? Second, why the heck am I not allowed to buy more than one thing at once? Third, why do I have to do a confirmation for every purchase? They cost 100 cr. It's not really going to ruin my game if I lose 100 cr by accident.

Anyways. Since I'm required to purchase 160 provisions and I can't just keep hitting enter or something I drag the window to where the ok button is and start clicking like crazy. Meaning I'm buying a steady stream of these things just by clicking. About four provisions in the screen locks up. Specifically the entire screen darkened like it does when there's an OK/Cancel box up and I couldn't click anything. No OK/Cancel box was visible for me to click. The game was proceeding along in the background like normal. I tried hitting enter to clear the invisible box but that just activated the chat window. Hit esc to pull up the menu and clear it and the lockup stayed, although I could click anything on the menu. Pulled up options, the window appeared but I don't think I could interact with it (though I might be wrong, this happened last night). Meant to hit log-out to try and clear it that way but I hit Exit by accident and the Confirm Purchase box briefly appeared, to be replaced by the Confirm Exit box. Clicked cancel, tried it again and the Confirm Exit box just appeared, no Confirm Purchase. Went back to the menu, clicked Log Off and OK, which brought me back to the login screen, but it was still locked up, I couldn't do anything. So I just minimized and ctrl-alt-deleted the game. Hoping these details can help with a fix.
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
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02-21-2010, 11:18 AM
I'm getting this too, very annoying.

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