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Right, I have just read over the article 'Ask Cryptic: Skills' and a few things worry me slightly about it...

Now, I made Rear Admiral 5 after 2 weeks from Headstart release, I know people did it a lot quicker, but downtime had an effect, as also did the fact I read through the dialogue, as what's the point in playing if not? And I did each, and every episode in the game, using Exploration Missions to rank up when no other Episodes where available, so before people start jumping on the flame wagon, I played the game as intended, thank you .

Now I admit, I'm bored of the game a little, but it's still fun to go into some battles with friends, and try and take on some rather hefty ships in just a Runabout, and by no means is this a bad game, it's actually pretty good I think, a little unpolished in spots, but addictive, fun and immersive; it just lacks a little content.

Anyway, onto the article; I'm glad about the Respec, yes it's old news, we've known for a while there will be one, but just to reinforce, it's a good idea . BUT, and quite a large but at that, they'll be raising the skill cap, good times, the but kicks in when I read they'll only be raising it upto Rear Admiral 10? Now, I apologise, but it took me 2 weeks to hit the skill cap, at 60,700 points, to Rear Admiral 6, it's 2000 more, so we're looking at maybe 10,000 more points, maybe 12,000, how is this going to keep people glued to their screens? Yes, they may add more daily missions into the mix, but at the moment, we have 2 daily missions, of things we have been doing practically since Lieutenent, just with a few new enemies, and a tiny bit more difficulty, so it's a little bland to say the least, and gets pretty boring after doing it 2 or 3 times, so it's fair to say it'll be similar, especially with a skill cap still, whether it's higher, or not.

It was said, the advantage of having the extra Bridge Officer Points, would be so we could train up more officers, we'll still have a cap on officers though, exactly the same as Rear Admiral 1, and with approximately 40,000 points for them currently, is this really all that good? I could train up something like 8 officers, and without new ships or a higher cap on Bridge Officer slots, I don't see this being too great an idea...

That's about it really, I'm not trying to slate off the idea's or anything, as in a certain light they're a decent idea, just not if you're already pretty high up in the ranks, and I'm guessing by the time it's released, there'll be a lot more Admiral's out there, I'd just like to see what other people think, and possibly let Cryptic know what we think as a community.

Thanks for your time ^.^
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02-21-2010, 11:50 AM
The Ask:Cryptic thing was weak at best. No definitive answer on when the skill system will be overhauled. The OP's head scratching comes from looking at a capped system that was designed to be capless. Ships, skills, skill points, Boff's, character slots, Boff slots, etc. were all designed to be in a capless system. Now, we are told we can do all this stuff and it makes no sense to the player and is a dead end like the OP stated.

Holy crap, I can just invest points into my Boff's and develop them. Doesn't work. Right now, all my Boff slots are filled with all available skills I really want at 9. What now? I have to delete an officer to make room for another. And why would I do that when I've got all my Boffs developed.

The sad part, is people just eat this **** right up.
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02-21-2010, 03:50 PM

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