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The thing that is starting to make combat less fun for me (in space) is that when flying my little escort it is very difficult to tell when I am within the 45dec arc for using my cannons or 90 for beams etc.

Some of this has to do with the horrible camera follow, or the forced 3rd person perspective, or how there is no horizon / distance overlay. The other part that makes it difficult is the geometry on the ship itself and how when you are within some ranges you cant really tell if the nose is pointed at your target or not.

So rather than have to create all that stuff why dont you just let me program a reticle color that indicates when I have the target within lock angle for a selected weapon type. It would be great if we could get some kind of overlay showing distance rings and weapon arcs out into space. This way we can tell when ships are in our effective range / arc. It would also be nice if I could zoom all the way into my ship view and fly the escort like a fighter , with a real hud and 360deg turning, but I know that is alot to ask.

Thanks and have a nice day.

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