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yes i know it has been reported in other threads. i made this one for fresh info that i have not seen in other threads.

captains log

on planet 989-WE8
B'Tran cluster

upon getting a mission to investigate noncorporeal entities i beamed down to the planet with my away team in tow. after locating the first entity approx 5 meters in front of me i scanned the entity with my tricorder and then went around the side of the building after doing so i turned back to check my team and low and behold 2 members had disappeared.. there bio signs sowing some 80 meters from where we were.. neither of my other officers had noticed that they had gone missing either.. so we endeavored to make our way to where there bio signs were coming from upon our arrival i noticed that the top of one of my officers heads was sticking partly out of the sand buried alive next to a tree at this revelation me and my remaining 2 officers back tracked to where we believe they had first disappeared while en route i turned back once again to make sure my remaining officers were still with me only to discover i had lost 1 more to this mysterious planet. as if things were not mysterious enough i now had to wonder.. who was causing this.. or was there some other mysterious force at work. so there after i did not let my last officer out of my sight. as we examined the buildings we started near my last officer performed a tactile check of the buildings surface using his bare hands.. and was promptly grabbed by the building he could not release himself from it. just at that instant as he desperately tried to free himself he disappeared before my very eyes.. his life sign also going to where my other 3 officers were.. now desperate for answers and alone i raced over to where my officers lay buried in the sand and before my very eyes. one of them appeared next to me.. as if jumping out of the sand itself. with all this i endeavored even more to do my job and get off this mysterious planet as fast as possible. and send a report to star fleet of my findings.. of which i have since done under report # 694,448 i only hope that one day the mystery is solved

End captains log:

again re-cap

BO's disappeared after touching a tree and touching a building on said map.
BO's teleported just under the surface of the map about 85m from spawn point.. and one was able to JUMP out and back onto the map from the location under the map.

will upload screen shots i took of them under the ground. that include the UI
Lt. Commander
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02-21-2010, 10:11 PM
edit with the screen shots

for sure.. my away team members were also disappearing when entering an area also occupied by a tree.

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