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We all know the scaling of DS9 and K7 are way off, because the Dev's want them just bigger for the BIG instances (i yet have to see more then 10 ships arround DS9 though)

...ok i just cut to the Point!

you decided to go with the Canon Optics of the Station, yet K7 is a VERY small station that is not much bigger then a small Constitution Class, it is more like a Silo in Space.

original K7 look:

Ingame, from far away it looks just fine:

but if you get close:
uuuuh? COME ON! The Windows are bigger then my Ship !? ...even the Textures are horrible from close up.

now what you gonna do? scale K7 down? not going to happen... i guess


It might not be 100% Canon but it is a compromise, you allways could say that K7 got rebuild somewhere between TOS and STO with bigger size but same design making it one of the more important Space Stations.

...oh and proper Docking Procedures would be nice too, would give us something to do in those *Warp In - Full Impulse - Beam Down*-Instances and improve immersion.

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