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02-22-2010, 10:05 AM
Originally Posted by TheIgmo
The efficient engine is not bound -- I bought one off of the exchange before I knew I could get it from a quest.
mine was bc i couldn't mail it to my Klingon
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02-22-2010, 10:07 AM
And just 1 more rant, on the whole cloaking issue and choosing when to start the match, I find it fair for the next month, reason being 99% of the matches I join in FvK soon as I get in full impulse to the feds they have 5 ships there, where as because of the low population it usually takes up to 5 minutes sometimes to get 5 klingons into the match, it would be horribly unbalanced fed side if we couldn't cloak or if the match wouldn't wait for there to actually be 5 people in, what usually happens here is multiple klingons queue up for the 3 different fvk and hit the first one that comes up and then it doesn't kick you from the other 2 queues when ur in. so often it finds 5 queued and feds always having a huge queue waiting get in right away but klingons maybe 2 get in and its gotta wait for 3 more because another match queued and theres only less then 10 people ever queing for pvp at any given time.

If Klingons didn't have cloak feds would win 100% of the time because not all the klingons would ever enter the map ontime, at least untill the big klingon content patch comes out and we get some more population, but even then its part of the game and lore. This isn't mystartrekthewayIwantitbecauseisaidso online its star trek online, true to star trek, if players could play borg and fly around in cubes owning entire fleets you would be screaming for nerfs about them but its just how the game should be.
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02-22-2010, 10:22 AM
Originally Posted by Tellahane View Post
If Klingons didn't have cloak feds would win 100% of the time
I really don't think they're going to take away your cloak. Despite the cries of my fellow feds to the contrary, I think you're right -- messing with the Klingon cloak would HORRIBLY upset the balance in favor of the feds. I personally love the PvP in STO, and I would be unhappy if they changed it so that it no longer presented a challenge.

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