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# 1 Bridge Officer woes
02-22-2010, 01:30 PM
I've been having the most difficult time figuring out how to choose Bridge Officer skills for my playstyle. I've been going for a "mage in space" type of build, doing damage but having cool abilities and the option of healing. My 2nd Science Bridge Officer slot is swapped between 2 different Officers, one does heals (Science Team I and III) and the other does 'damage' and anomalies. So here is my problem, and trust me, it is a GOOD problem to have.

I can't figure out what skills I want to use.

In planning out every Officer I want to have at Admiral, I've changed my mind on the skills more times than I can count, especially on Tactical and Engineering slots that I've taken for granted. Every time I get an ability changed out or a buy a cheap BO from the exchange to Train Up one of my Officers (I have an unhealthy attachment to them) I discover something horrible, either it shares a cooldown with another skill (like Attack Upgrade skills, which are on the same system as Innate Subsystem Targetting skills) or the skill itself doesn't have any positive modifiers from my Captain's skills (meaning I'm rolling with unmodified Engineering Team I and no points in Engineering Team Leader, I was too hasty when leveling at Lt).

Why do I care? Because it like rolling a Fire/Arcane Mage and using then trying to 'specialize' un-talented Ice spells, it is just wrong. Its like screaming "I AM A NOOB". Sure there's gear to help modify it, but I'm trying to have my power gaming with my roleplaying too!

Here's what I love about this problem, and its 'drawbacks'.
1. Every space based Bridge Officer skill has a 'system' it uses, and a Tier 1, 2, and 3/4/5 Captain skill that improves it, and gear that improves it (a console). It is a very complex system but leads me to wonder about different combinations that my "synergize" better than others.
2. Bridge Officers themselves cannot improve this skill's effect, only how OFTEN you can use it, by spending MASSIVE amounts of Merit and essentially "committing" to the skill. (All gamers have commitment issues, don't we?)
3. The way ship 'seats' work, it encourages you to have a single Commander, a Lt Com, a couple Lt's and an Ensign for your end game ship. This makes sense when you see the roster of ranks on various Star Trek TV shows, you don't see 4 Commanders on the same bridge.
4. However, rank on the ground gives a new skill, so it encourages you to have 4 blue/rare Bridge Officer Commanders for your ground game that you use (only while soloing), the rare ones have traits like "Superior Luck" which affects only the ground game. Either your bridge has 4 Commanders on it or you have a 2nd "ground team".

Some final thoughts, including "why did I bother posting this".

So to fix this completely cosmetic, unimportant "issue" I would like to offer the following thoughts and get comments from other overly obsessive Captains out there.
1. What if the abilities that your Bridge Officers used was NOT tied to THEIR rank, but instead to YOUR rank? This would allow me to have my favorite Ensign (whom I call my helmsman for some reason) to go on away missions with me without being completely worthless.
2. Titles for my bridge officers, instead of me using the first line of their "Biography" as their title. I'd like to know if another player brings an Expose oriented Science Officer or a Doctor, titles would help with this. Titles can be pulled directly from the IP.
3. Why does Tuvok wear yellow? Why does Janeway wear red? Why does Worf wear yellow? Why does Data wear yellow? In modelling my Officers after some of the famous officers of the Enterprise, Defiant and Voyager I have a hard time figuring out "what class" they are and "what seat" they take. Is Operations a Tactical thing or an Engineering thing or Science? Why is Command ALWAYS red except on Dr Beverly Crusher's ship (from All Good Things)? Why is there an in-game Operations badge but not a defined Operations role? When I visit my bridge, why are the Officers in completely random stations? Why is my "First Officer" never sitting in the chair next to mine?

TL DR version

I love the game play behind the Bridge Officer system but see a few minor cosmetic issues that I can't figure out for RP's sake. And I'm obsessive.

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