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02-22-2010, 10:05 PM
Originally Posted by Sedisp View Post
Did you shell out money to buy the game? Are you paying a monthly fee to continue playing? If you are mission accomplished.

Of course it's not that it's that it isn't profitable to listen to us. I find it an incredible act of hubris to assume you know more than the team of people they have dedicated to knowing how to raise their bottom line. Changes cost money. And until the money they lose by not fixing things is greater than the cost of fixing things they'll keep content to a trickle.

So hey they don't sell burgers but most people will keep on paying the restaurant to sell them beans. Then they'll complain that the restaurant doesn't sell burgers while still chucking money at them.

Want change? Vote with your dollar. Want to maintain the status quo? Keep buying beans.
You do know how many development houses out there have absolutely no clue about "raising their bottom line" right? How many development houses go under, with some going under before they ever even really get off the ground?

Just hanging your sign out don't make you a doctor mate. The people that shelled out their hard earned dough for a lifetime sub to Tabula Rasa would probably like to sit you down and have a chat to wake you up so you can smell the coffee.

It always amazes me how people figure because someone slaps a mmo dev tag on they must drip pearls of wisdom about mmos. As evidenced by the dismal failures of some very high profile games in recent years, I'd say when they fail to listen to the right segments of their community, and only listen to those sucking up them and stroking their egos, more often than not they're dripping something else, and it don't smell very good.

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