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I have locked in evenly distributed power on all my ships. I still use batteries and Emergency power to the whatever talents in a pinch but I don't go into a fight with permanently souped up shields or weapons on overdrive.

My old play style was to find out what I was up against first. A bunch of underpowered ships and I cranked up the weapons. A large battleship or a couple of escorts then I would crank up the shields and no matter what changes I made during the fight the power setting would always go back to making the engagement just a little too easy.

I locked in equal power and now I find myself having to use cover against the big ships. Those great big asteroids are good for that. I find myself no longer pushing the fire everything button against smaller ships but timing my torpedoes for a quick kill.

I have discovered that firing the torpedo after Majel tells you their facing shields are down is a bit too late depending on how close they are. A good timing for a ship about 3-5kms away is just before their shields are completely down. Torpedo and then back to the beams because the faster beams beat the torpedo to the target and lower their shields just as your torpedo reaches them for maximum damage.

And I've learned to not make a kill shot on a battleship when I'm right on top of it because that sucker is going to blow up and take the rest of my shields with it. Or in some cases send me back to the respawn point.

My tact officer has 3 levels of Fire at will. So their is always one off cooldown to take care of mines and fighters.

Other than that I have Science Team, Engineering team and Emergency power to the shields and auxiliary.

I try to equip consoles that help to keep my crew alive because that and the auxiliary power help to keep up repairs and make them faster and more efficient.

It's really a minor change but one I suggest you try if you're thinking space combat is too easy.

I love this game.

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