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02-23-2010, 01:16 PM
Originally Posted by Dryan
Looks like we have a survey. One person jests you work for Blizzard, or another game comapny and puts you one the defensive. Just for the hell of it I'll agree with them. So out of a sample of 2 thats 100%. We must be right, given your logic. Therefore anyting you say has a motive and not a good one.
Meh. I think that while there are justified complaints and I can understand having an hour or two of frustration/venom or just plain quitting, some of these people do take it a step further.

However, I don't think those people are generally on payroll with other companies. I think the people who have a mad-on for this game fall into three categories, none of which involve being on payroll with another company.

1) They have a favorite MMO they want everyone else to play because it suits them better. Some people don't get the idea that the ideal would be for all MMOs to be niche.

2) They want this game to be better and aren't going anywhere; they're actually trying to be constructive but are just THAT frustrated.

3) (And this is the category of people who won't leave and don't have any advice for how things could be better.) They're frustrated would-be game developers. It isn't that they work for Blizzard or SoE or Bioware. It's that they don't and they gravitate here to find an audience of disgruntled players that they can get an ego-boost out of. Ordinarily, people would tell these failed prophets to put up or shut up or ignore them but give them a crowd of people who are at least somewhat disappointed and they can bleed some compliments out of the crowd. These guys wouldn't be here if the game was a success and they'll be wherever they can find a few disappointed fans to score an ego-boost out on the rebound.
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02-23-2010, 01:19 PM
Originally Posted by biggdeuce
yup..i am truly upset now...u have hurt my feelings and I am crying over it now. I want to slash my wrists because u got me right on the money...I have no friends at all...I am 45 and a virgin and dont even live in my moms basement but in a shed out in the backyard...she let me use her internet connection...and on top of that I cant use the toilet in the house..i have a hole drilled into the bottom of my chair with a bucket underneath....waaaa waaahhh ....
yep this is a 12 year old kid. also what happened to leaving this thread? and where is the source for you're "PROOF"?
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02-23-2010, 01:20 PM
There is nothing constructive in this criticism, just flaming. I'm closing this thread.
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