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To qualify this issue, when I installed this game, I began having graphics issues with my computer. When playing the game, sometimes it froze, sometimes it didn't; however, when I am not playing the game, my computer graphics freeze my computer repeatedly.

The only way fix it is to uninstall STO, the driver for the graphics card, then reinstall the driver. Prior to STO, it never did this.

My card is Nividia GTX 280, 1 GB GDDR3 Ram. Patch 196.21
Running an Intell Duo Core Processor (I think ayt 1.8 GHZ but I am not sure).

I have tracked temps on the CPU and the GPU:

In Game: CPU 60 61 GPU 85
Out Game: CPU 31 30 GPU 44-56

Doesn't seem to be a heat problem but it acts like it is. Bottom line, this game does not like my graphics or computer.

I love the game but cannot keep it on my computer for the reasons above. I'd like some help here and some answers.


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