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I have been fighting ground engagements sans shield for about a week now and it just keeps getting better and better. My Bridge Officers fan out and take cover as soon as the fighting starts because they no longer have their personal shields either.

The ground engagements are now much more different than space encounters. With the personal shield it was about the same dynamic as a space battle but with a floor (in 2D so to speak) shields as shields, expose weapons as beams and exploit weapons as torpedoes. But as soon as I dropped the shields the ground combat became a lot more of a fire fight a shootout. It's like in the movies. It's fantastic.

The strategies and tactics that come into play once you get over the loss of the personal shield as a crutch are fascinating and immensely enjoyable. Every fight has it's own unique choreography and a different hero emerges from my crew with each engagement.

"We've gone through death and life together."

There was a time when the ground combat missions or parts of episodes where you boarded a ship or a facility were just something I had to do to get back to the cool as hell space combat, now I look forward to each epic ground confrontation.

It's awesome, incredible, exciting, and exhilarating.

You must try this. (and I mean that in the way someone tasting a new exotic delicacy mumbles the suggestion with their mouth full of awesome)

My mouth is figuratively full of awesome.

This is my new favorite video game ...of all time.

I love this game.

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