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# 1 Streamline BO training
02-23-2010, 09:54 PM
Here is my suggestion on training your bridge officers.
1. have every single skill/power listed on the bridge officer trainer
2. seperate skill/power into the three catagories (tactical, engineer, science)
3. after listing the skill/power, list if it is a ground or space skill/power
4. all skills/powers which need to be unlocked need to show prerequisites so you can plan out your skills

I believe this would clear up a lot of confussion on where to go when powers are unlocked and why people can't seem to find them. This would also give the community better control on how to plan out and use the skill points they gain as they level and build their character to make them a unique and distinct avatar on STO. Any and all input would be appreciated and hopefully a Dev or two will look at the suggestion and realize some guidance is needed in the whole skill tree and point distribution

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