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02-24-2010, 12:02 AM
Originally Posted by albs477 View Post
Made cptn myself today, I would say my experience was different. I was in a really good group and we did real well. It was a bit of a shock for sure when I got subnuc'ed or exploded before I knew I was being fired on once. Can't wait till I can get the better gear and get back to doing top dps, but for now there will be many adjustments to make for sure. That is what happens everytime you move to a new level of competition, I for one look forward to good competition and feds who don't die in 20 seconds or less. I also will note it is also harder 1v1 with the feds now in T3 I rarely lost 1v1. In this tier it is very different.

K'rapok cptn KDF
After more play and now Captain 4, I can say indeed it *is* without a doubt the sci captains. I was in a pug tonight that turned into a pretty good group for a couple hours, and we won 75% of our matches. The ones we lost had at least half sci ships, with all the associated overpowered abilities. My Nadion inversion or whatever it's called (I never use it) is on a 10 minute timer, what is Sub Nuc on? Sci captains talk about how "tac has apo and apa" and "engineers have RSF"...phht nobody else's skills completely shut somebody down, period.

Anyway, it was a much better night. I was grouped with guys who healed each other and looked after one another, focused on targets in the right priority, etc. It was a huge improvement, and clarified a lot of things.

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