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# 1 Plastic Surgery?
02-24-2010, 12:17 AM
I'm a bit bored and feel like playing around with pretty pictures. All I need now are pretty pictures and ideas, so I thought why not ask here? There is a lack of individual customization in the create options, like not being able to be one-eyed, wear eyepatches or special scars/attooes, or for hybrids not to mix two species the way you like (Cardy-Klingon with a ridged spoon and such), not to mention the very limited hairstyles for some species.
I'm a sucker for details. If you are, too, post me a good screenshot of your toon and what details/changes you want. I get something to do, you get the avatar you want.

Here's an example from a 3D chat, so you know what you can expect for your trouble.

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