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I thought it's a good idea if everyone would post in here what they would have writen as a comment in the survey that Cryptic has on its main page, as that survey didnt provide a box for comments.

I know I do have picked some options that dont make sense without explaination.

Subscription price: I picked 5$

Why? Cause I don't think a subscription price of more than 5$ will make enough people stay long enough to see the 45 day patch. For what we got right now, 5$ is really already a bit high, but without income there is no new content coming and no development, so yeah 5$ is below my personal "I care" limit and I would happily stay subscribed for 5$ until they fix the game to be a full featured MMORPG.

Box price: 20$

They will need to get more subscribers, but it needs to be a discount price, I wont tell my friends to buy a STO box for 50$, thats just a ripoff and they will make me feel guilty afterwards, but for 20$, yeah maybe I could get some playing. Also, the reviews all give STO about a 5/10 mark, there is no way to sell 50% games for more than 20$, even if they are new.

Which features do I want? All of them.

STO should have released with all of them, and some more that werent mentioned. I still want close to 360 movement, at least 80 up/down. With diplomatic missions I mean mission were you can actually CHOOSE which way to go, not FFFFFFFFF missions with dialogs.

Just my comments.

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