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# 1 "Awfulness of execution.."
02-24-2010, 10:19 AM
C'mon guys... how weak was that survey. You don't really want to know what we think, you're just giving an exit poll at this point. How much should you charge for the subscription? Laughable! I got suckered in and bought a year long sub and regret it now. I liked the game, but Cryptic needs to take step back and learn from others mistakes. Hell... learn from your own mistakes. You're going down a slippery slope right now. Fix what's broken, and bring more "Trek" to this game, or come 30 free days later you'll start to see what I believe will be biggest loss of subscribers since SWG's NGE. It's not that you're game is bad, it's that your execution is awful.

Case in point... CoH at start up was a 200% better game, but you couldn't learn from it. My CoH toon at level 40 had enough missions to keep me busy for months, and the TFs we brilliant. I mean screw raids in WoW; TFs were hands down better ways to spend my time in game than grinding for gear in WoW. Fleet Actions are a shadow of a joke compared to TFs. Not only can't we do them as a Fleet, but just trying to get 6 or 8 of my Fleetmates to end up in the same instance takes so long that I couldn't possibly be less interested in doing them. Fleet actions are awful and you guys know it. In fact after about level 20 most of them don't even work. Again.. awfulness of execution.

PVE space is good, and PVE ground isn't horrible (at least the parts that work). However, what it also means that I hate PVP because I can't get into an "even steven" match, or I can't get into one at all. I don't play my Klingon anymore because it's like playing second fiddle to the Feddies. Here's the rub about PvP for me. I come from UO, SWG, and WoW, so PvP is my world, and it ain't there yet in this game, and what really rubs my rhubarb is that it worked in Open Beta. I never had problems with queuing in Open Beta, and now it is just plain broken. I queue with all my squad members because we're supposed to be a PvP squad in my Fleet, of which there about 12 squads of 5 squad members, so there are 60 or us that can't do our jobs. The awfulness comes into play when the whole squad queues up and the PvP match -NEVER- pops. I mean -NEVER-. We waited for over three hours one night just to make sure. Then after finally deciding the awfulness was too much we quit the group and within 10 minutes each of us was, in a completely different instance than the other, pew pew'n our brains out. Oh yeah when I say pew pew'n our brains out what I really mean that we were in matches where there were prolly 2 Klingons to our 8 Feds, or 3 Feds to the Klingons 10; or for those lucky few there were ZERO Klingons to our 10 Feds. Laughable. Again... the awfulness of execution.

I'm so mad at this point I'm not even gonna bother... I can see from the direction that this game is going that awfulness of execution is the new standard bearer for Cryptic. Oh how I wish Positron where still here.

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