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Ok I had a geek moment. Listening to that Quinto character butcher his lines, I decided to record myself reading quest dialogue....and as an amateur, I'm pretty sure I bested him. This got me to thinking....

It would be so fun if we could record our own voices reading quest dialogue and the best ones could be uploaded as a pack file, so it would be completely optional. I KNOW there are a lot of artistic, dramatic Trekkies out there that could deliver their lines impressively. For instance, I've been to Star Trek Conventions and I've seen Klingons walking around and these guys would rock! They take it very seriously, not like that sissy Quinto.

There might be an amateurish element to it. :p Again, only the best would be chosen. And maybe the amateurish aspect of it would even add a humorous element that would be that much more entertaining. Again....whether you use them or not would be optional.

Some potential drawbacks would be poor audio sampling with probably inferior equipment. No one will be doing this in a studio...or very few. Ofcourse, there could be some enterprising Klingon that could go crazy and do tons of professional sounding stuff. I had a musician buddy who had a sound studio in his house so it's possible.

So what do you think....crazy, stupid idea? Or fun?

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