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I don't know if this causes pet peeves for anyone else other than me ... but it's really starting to get on my nerves a bit.

Shield Generator
Medical Generator

These two generators seem to be artistically designed for the sole purpose of obscuring as much as possible so as to make it almost impossible to actually see anything. I'm not talking about the "bubble" field that defines the boundary of their PBAoE. No ... I'm talking about the size of the device itself and the BIG BRIGHT GLOWIE lighting effect it spawns on itself. Both of these things are quite annoying for the following reasons:

1. Device Size
The size of these generators seems to be almost tailor made to frustrate players who are crouched. This is because these generators, shield and medical, are almost exactly as tall as your character's avatar when your character crouches. This sort of "height matching" causes the target box for the device itself to become "quite huge" in a player's field of view while crouching ... which makes it excessively easy to select the fabricated generator as your target, especially when you want to click to target a hostile. That's because whenever a generator is spawned, it spawns right in front of you in the direction you're facing ... and if you're crouched at the time, almost all of your field of view is now being "blocked" by this "big huge" device that is blocking your view of ... well ... anything ... and you can't click through it to target anything hostile, because you're allowed to target the generator as a friendly ally.

Recommended solution
Change the graphic, and target/hit box(!), on the Shield and Medical Generators to be no taller than Ankle High. If I'm crouched, and deploy one of these generators, I ought to still be able to SEE the battlefield (and any hostile targets) on the other side of these devices. If that means simply deleting the animated "spinny bits" which make these generators so darn tall ... and keeping the rest of the graphics for the base ... I'm perfectly fine with that. Just make them shorter so I can see and target "over" them while crouched.

2. I'M BLIND !!!
The second really major annoyance with these generators is that at the center of their effect they have this BLINDINGLY BRIGHT LIGHT BLOOM which makes it impossible to actually *SEE* anything on the other side of them when:
(a) crouching
(b) within a couple meters (ie. like when spawned)

I've spent pretty much my entire time as a Lt Commander leading my away teams and simply not being able to SEE any of the battles I'm in. I drop a generator in front of me, while crouched ... and I'm simply blinded because my entire screen (or at least, all the useful parts of it that pertain to situational awareness) are completely flooded with this obnoxious blinding light bloom. The only way I can target things is to use the TAB key to select targets ... and even then it's often difficult to find the text saying what I've (now) got selected as a target. It quite literally is a case of being "blinded by the light" with these things.

Now ... if they were shorter and the light bloom were closer to the ground ... so that I could see OVER them when crouching ... it wouldn't be anywhere NEAR as bad! But as it is, I don't "SEE" combat anymore ... I can only "LISTEN" to it ... and wonder what the heck is going on. This results in an almost "anti-immersion" experience, in which I expend more effort fighting the game graphics that obstruct my situational awareness than I do processing and engaging the combat situations I find myself in.

Cryptic, if you need screenshot(s) of what I'm talking about, they can be easily provided upon request.

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